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Best Practices

Avoid Repairs with Operator Training

  • • Always consult the operator's manual before operating a machine
  • • Operator mistakes are the most frequent causes of machine damage and downtime
  • • Proper operator training is crucial to minimize repairs and downtime related to negligence and error
A daily visual inspection with a walkaround is important

Operator's must be taught to complete a daily walkaround inspection of any machine that they will be operating on the jobsite. If they find any issues, operator's need to notify their supervisor immediately and the machine should not be used until the problem has been resolved. Daily inspections can ensure that small issues are identified and dealt with before they turn into greater, costlier and potentially dangerous problems.

Examination should include
  • • Fluid and battery levels
  • • Tire condition and inflation level
  • • Horns and lights
  • • Safety equipment including seat belt and backup alarms
  • • Checking for fluids on the ground around and beneath parked equipment
Use all your senses to recognize equipment irregularities

It's vital that operator's are able to identify impending machine failures at the worksite. Irregularities they should be trained to recognize include odd noises, cracks or other signs of potential breakage, and any visual damage to a machine.

Decrease your risk of tipping or overturning

Loads should be transported cautiously and always within the speed limit. It is never a good idea to push the limits of the equipment’s working range or lifting capacity, and it’s important to keep the machine as level as possible while operating.

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