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Volvo Certified New Life Program

Don’t replace your old Volvo. Revive it.

You can have like new equipment for a fraction of the price with Volvo’s New Life Programs. Rather than buying a new machine, the New Life Program rebuilds your existing equipment from the bottom up, boosting its productivity and your profitability. It’s like having a machine tailor made just for you — and for far less than a new machine costs.

  • • Restore your machine to like new condition
  • • Save 8% on operating costs
  • • Reduce downtime
  • • Trust Volvo certified quality

With Volvo’s Certified New Life Program, Woodco rebuilds your machine to its like new condition. This program restores your machine’s original strength, durability, and productivity, optimizing your budget, reducing waste, and boosting profits.

Less Cost

More affordable than purchasing a new machine, Volvo’s New Life Program saves significantly over buying a new machine. Plus, operating costs are reduced by 8%.

Reduce Downtime

Schedule the New Life for your machine, so you can be back to work quickly.

Volvo Certified Quality

The New Life Program includes Volvo’s 3 year/5,000 hour warranty on major remanufactured components and 1 year/2,500 hour warranty on all Volvo genuine parts.

Trained, Certified Technicians

All of our expert technicians have been trained and certified to rebuild machines to Volvo’s exact specifications.

What New Life Includes

Our expert technicians comb through your machine, repairing and replacing any and all bent, broken, or worn parts to restore your Volvo’s original power, precision, and strength, and all for significantly less than the cost of a new machine. We’ll provide recommendations after our comprehensive inspection, and you’ll decide exactly how we’ll proceed.

Below is a comprehensive list of what could be included for a Volvo Wheel Loader New Life.

Wheel Loader New Life
  • • Replace Engine w/VOLVO remanufactured engine including new mounts, intakes & fuel lines, clean/replace charge air cooler if necessary
  • • Replace Transmission w/VOLVO remanufactured transmission, including, coolers
  • • Rebuild Trunnions: rebush & reseal
  • • Radiator: clean & pressure test, replace coolant hoses
  • • Axle shafts: inspect
  • • Final Drives will go through a re-bearing & reseal process: replace all bearing cups & cones; all needle bearings & bushings, all seals & gaskets
  • • Differentials: perform a thorough re-bearing and reseal process - replace all bearing cups and cones, replace all seals and gaskets
  • • Brakes:
  • • Parking: replace pads, reseal
  • • Wet or dry: inspect condition, quote repairs if needed
  • • Drive Shafts: replace u-joints, prop shafts to be high speed balanced
  • • Intermediate shaft: replace bearings & reseal
  • • Axle shafts: inspect
  • • Replace operator’s seat & seat belts
  • • Clean, paint & decal machine
  • • Replace all filters and fluids
Finance Program

You don’t have to pay for the Volvo New Life Program all at once. Open a Volvo Smart Commercial Account to finance the cost of the rebuild and make multiple manageable payments.

Watch the video below to learn more.


All New Life rebuilds are covered by Volvo’s industry leading warranty.

  • • 3 year / 5,000 hour warranty on major remanufactured components
  • • 1 year / 2,500 hour warranty on all Volvo genuine parts

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