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Volvo Oil Analysis

Identify problems before they start
  • • Prevent costly repairs
  • • Plan downtime
  • • Improve machine efficiency

The Volvo Oil Analysis program is a comprehensive review of your machine’s vital systems that analyzes the fluids in your engine, hydraulic system, transmission, axles, and brakes.

These fluids hold a lot of information about your machine’s health, and the oil analysis compares the signs of wear against what is normal to spot potential problems and predict when components might fail.

How It Works


A trained technician gathers samples of your Volvo machine’s oil.


The sample is sent to Volvo’s advanced diagnostic lab, where analysts use cutting edge technology to analyze the oil’s viscosity, purity, and overall integrity.


We'll provide a detailed report of the results of the analysis. You can then make informed decisions on potential repairs, possible component replacement, and planning downtime.

To experience the full benefits of oil analysis, bring your Volvo into Woodco where our trained technicians will extract samples from your machine.

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