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Preventive Maintenance

Minimize downtime, cost, and stress with Woodco
  • • Highly qualified, certified technicians complete all maintenance and repairs
  • • Fulfill warranty requirements with documented maintenance

No matter how many machines you have, your equipment should receive the same care that Woodco gives to its own rental fleet. That’s the reason we offer factory suggested preventive maintenance. All you have to do is let us know what equipment you want us to cover, and we’ll do the rest—making sure all your machines are serviced on time by a trained technician.

Our scheduled preventive maintenance checklist assures that necessary service and repairs are completed at manufacturer suggested intervals. According to the specific needs of your machine, service could include replacing the fuel filter, changing the engine oil and filter, greasing the entire machine, draining water from the fuel water separator, cleaning the air conditioner’s condenser and filter, taking oil samples, among many other things. Performing these maintenance checks at scheduled intervals will maximize your machine's performance.

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